In September 2012 started the work to elaborate a law of no discrimination on the field of gender identity and transsexualism for Andalucía - the southern region of Spain. In December 2012 the politic group Izquierda Unida and the transgender associations Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía and  Autonomía Trans,  agreed a law proposal, and it went registered on the Parliament to be processed.

However, that text went retired due to a negative inform that was not invalidating but may cause a political situation that probably would lead to the law never get approved. In that moment, the political parties on the regional Government of Andalucía agreed with the trans associations involved in the process that the working out of that proposal would be immediately resumed, in a workgroup composed by the political parties and the transgender assotiations that were yet involved on the process, besides the commitment of having the resulting text presented as a Law Project of the Government of Andalucía during the first sessions period of the parliament, ending on July 2013.

That engagement has been broken. The working out has been constantly delayed. The activist groups asked to read the negative inform that motivated that the law proposal were retired, as well as other informs that were supposed to be issued after that by some other governmental departments, whose preparation delayed the negotiation for about two months, but they never were showed to us. Now, we suspect that those informs never existed. Now, we are in November 2013, and the project has become blocked, pending only two articles related to access to healthcare services without any discrimination with the rest of population.

We, trans people in Andalucía, have three main petitons:

  • Recognition of the fundamental right to free selfdetermination of gender, only by the will of the person about the gender identity he or she claims to be recognized.
  • Access of trans people to psychological, endocrinologycal and surgical healthcare services, without any discrimination by gender identity, in a decentralized way, on the basis of personal autonomy and responsibility, only with requirement of informed consent of the person, as capable and legally responsible one.
  • That children and youth are able to enjoy those rights, specially on the field of gender recognition on the scholar sphere, and to have the necessary health care services.

In summary, we, trans people, are only asking to have the same rights that the rest of the population.


  • On the office of Transexualism and Gender Identity healthcare Unity, trans people still are having ride roughshod over their freedom, dignity, intimacy and right to health, that are supposed to be protected by Constitution and Human Rights bills.
  • On the beginning of that scholar year, thirty families are fighting to have the gender identity of their childs is recognized, so they don’t have to choose between the right to dignity and the free development of their personality, and the right of education.
  • The centralized healthcare system is generating an expense of hundreds euros in travelling cost that must be confronted by public Administration, and a second expense of hundreds euros in labour costs for people who is compelled to miss several working days to attend to the a healthcare office that is situated hundreds of kilometers of their homes.

All of this would not be happening if the Law of non-Discrimination on the field of Gender Identity and Transsexualism were yet approved and in force.

We, as trans people, can’t go on being sacrifices on the altar of the political game and the greed of healthcare professionals, self declared experts in transexualism. Because of that, and pending only two articles to finish the text, the transgender groups  Autonomía Trans and Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía, consider that if we don’t have recognized the right to access to all the rights and services that the rest of population is still enjoying, we don’t have anything.

Because of that, we demand:

  • Having our demands about healthcare issues are accepted on the agreed text.
  • Having a date fixed for the registration of the text before the end of the second session period of the Parliament, that ends on 20th December, and that it is presented as a Law Proect by the Government of Andalucía.

And to show how determined we are, and because it is better to die in the battle that to life without dignity, we announce that in case of no reply to our petitions, the president of Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía, Mar Cambrollé, and the co-president of Autonomía Trans, Ángela Gutiérrez will begin a hunger strike of indefinite duration on 7th November chained on the sourroundings of the Parliament.

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